About JVAT

It’s all about the way JVAT works – we’re not afraid of change. In fact, we embrace it. Curious and collaborative problem solvers, we are dedicated to our clients’ success by creating and delivering actionable insights and innovative solutions to the hard problems.

We firmly believe in fostering a positive and open culture between our team and clients – utilizing collaborative working methods to maximize efficiency and productivity. Our agile project delivery approach creates a value-driven, highly visible and continuous stream of information that allows clients to respond quickly. We subsequently increase the speed of delivery, reduce complexity and enable the solution to adapt in a world of shifting needs and demands.

The result for our clients? Consistently inspiring confidence and achieving innovative solutions that make the future a reality.

Our Core Values
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Dedication to success
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Innovation that matters
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Trust. Responsibility. Transparency.
Our Focus: Risk & Assurance

The JVAT team consists of professional management consultants, engineers and assurance subject matter experts. We specialize in Risk & Assurance, including:

Safety Program Management

Software Assurance

Environmental Program Management

Security Risk Management

Work Health & Safety Legislative Obligations

Resilience & Wellbeing Planning

Legislative & Regulatory Compliance

Compliance Monitoring

Change Management

Governance & Culture

Business Continuity Planning

Management System Development

Enterprise Risk Management

Our Leadership Team
Jimmy Stewart
Managing Director
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Paul Graham
Director - United States
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Dr. James Whitehill
Director - Australia
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