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Defence & National Security


Thales Australia


Hawkei is Thales Australia’s next generation of protected vehicle platforms. This world-class Australian designed, developed and built light armoured vehicle is the output of a $1.3bn acquisition program. JVAT collaboratively supported Thales Australia to successfully deliver the system safety program.


During the Hawkei’s acquisition program gate review - a mechanism used to control project risk - Thales Australia experienced a potential project roadblock. As a result, JVAT was engaged to refine and deliver the Systems Safety Program (SSP). 

This approach included supporting Thales Australia throughout the month-long program gate review and continuing to influence Hawkei’s design safety for a further two years. By simplifying and effectively communicating the safety risk management strategy to the client based on a deep knowledge of system safety discipline, it provided clarity of the safety analysis and application and impact of remedial controls.

JVAT continued this relationship with Thales Australia by reviewing and updating the engineering and design review methods, as well as creating a product safety management system that helped fine-tune existing processes and management systems.


The outcome of this engagement made the vehicle safer for Australian soldiers and provided the users with a clear understanding of the safety profile of the vehicle - while continuing to meet the demanding tactical performances requirements. Additionally, the following engagements provided greater efficacy and clarity of the internal engineering and design review process, as well as justifying confidence of the product safety across the business unit.

JVAT supported Thales Australia throughout the month-long gate review and then continued to assist and influence Hawkei’s safety design process for a further two years.