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Suburban Rail Loop Authority


The 90km Suburban Rail Loop is the biggest infrastructure investment ever undertaken in Victoria. As a High Value High Risk (HVHR) Project, this $50 billion program must meet the stringent Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance requirements. In order to achieve project timelines, the newly created and fast-growing authority needed an innovative integrated management system to ensure all delivery aspects were standardised, repeatable, compliant with legislation and regulations, and easy to understand for all staff.


JVAT first conducted interviews and workshops with key parties to establish the appropriate management procedures and supporting documentation. Based on the insights obtained from this stakeholder engagements, an easy to use Authority Integrated Management System (AIMS) was developed. 

As a newly established organisation, new frameworks, processes and procedures were required in order to enhance situational awareness and clarity around the assurance, scope, scale and progress tracking of deliverables. The AIMS provided a tailored delivery framework developed through comprehensive collaboration and feedback from SRLA leaders and staff. This led to JVAT developing and documenting endorsed processes, procedures and templates across all delivery functional areas, including: Planning and Precincts, Engineering & Assurance, Delivery & Strategy, Legal & Commercial, Project Controls and Land, Planning, Environment & Sustainability, Health & Safety, Quality Management, Risk Management and Strategic Communications & Engagement.

This information was subsequently developed into a simple User Experience (Ux) aimed at the primary users of the Suburban Rail Loop project, leveraging a common platform to provide a low-cost support and maintenance solution. 


The outcome of this engagement was a single tailored delivery framework developed through comprehensive collaboration and feedback from SRLA leaders and staff to help define “how” and “when” SRLA will deliver its program and “what” will be delivered. This engagement assisted with the establishment of SRLA as both an organisation and as an Authority. The Ux streamlined the SRLA employee journey through a comprehensive process to dramatically improve capability, as well as providing greater clarity around workstreams and process, and built-in assurance and risk management.

It will also mitigate the potential future risks of schedule overrun and budget overspend that often occur in the absence of an effective and efficient management system.

The most significant benefit - and consistent client feedback - was the low-cost system in terms of the support and maintenance and the ability to leverage off a common platform.