Client Experience _07

Defence & National Security




JVAT worked in collaboration with Filton Systems Engineering (FSE) to develop the Fuel and Hydraulics Systems for the UK Aircraft platform prime from concept design through to preliminary design phases (September 22) and continues to delivery the programme leading up to Critical Design Review (expected late 2023). The programme involves all aspects of Fuel and Hydraulic Systems, including project management, requirements generation, requirements management, design, modelling, performance, analysis, procurement, qualification, testing, verification, safety, reliability, ILS and certification.


The UK aircraft platform prime required suppliers who can ‘own’ the complete aircraft systems and the associated technical competencies to successfully deliver it to high standard while being delivered to a condensed delivery timeframe. Our team has extensive experience in leading engineering development programmes within the aerospace/defence industries with many our engineers being experienced in fluid systems including pneumatics, fuel, hydrogen and hydraulics.


There were several outcomes from this engagement including JVAT and FSE becoming a ‘Design Partner’ of the UK Aircraft platform prime. The successful and timely delivery of all artefacts for the concept design through to preliminary design review gate reviews. In order to achieve this outcome all components for the complete Fuel and Hydraulic Systems with specific suppliers were sourced and through validation, the Fuel and Hydraulic Systems remain compliant to the Military and Civil regulations.

FSE and JVAT have been committed as the suppliers for the CDR phase due to commence in early 2023.