Our Markets

We provide advice, services and products to the Defense & National Security, Government & Public Sector, Transport & Infrastructure, and Energy & Resources markets.

Defense & National Security

The Defense and National Security sector faces uncertainty on multiple fronts – from acquisition and management of cutting-edge technologies to the reshaping of defense capabilities and force restructures. As new pressures emerge and Defense transitions to a leaner arrangement, innovative solutions result in more efficient, effective environments and capability enhancements.

At JVAT, we’re committed to inspiring confidence to help Defense and its industry partners achieve their desired risk and assurance outcomes that provide clarity to complex problems and key strategic issues.

Government & Public Sector

The Government & Public Sector faces changing community and political expectations influenced by the demographic, social and economic environment, while adhering to strict budgets and timeframes. Our experienced risk management professionals define and design governance systems, shaping and transforming the risk management culture within each institution – whilst continuing to drive efficiency and continuous improvement.

At JVAT, we’re inspiring confidence through our collaboration with Government and Public sector partners, achieving their desired risk and assurance outcomes that are both cost effective and ethical.

Transport & Infrastructure

The Transport & Infrastructure sector faces continual challenges to revitalize and stay competitive in a modern world. To get the most out of investment in transport and infrastructure development, independent risk and assurance solutions are essential to understand the needs and value-adding requirements across the Aerospace, Marine, Rail and Metro sectors.

At JVAT, we’re committed to creating and executing programs that benefit our transport and infrastructure partners to achieve successful service delivery, throughout the life-cycle of their projects.

Energy & Resources

The Energy & Resources sector faces a continually changing role and significant transition into a ‘greener’ future, while meeting a sharp increase in demand. Drawing from our exceptional industry knowledge and extensive consultant network, we provide a fresh perspective on risk management to achieve industry best practice and deliver integrated solutions for the Oil and Gas, Power, Mining and Water sectors.

At JVAT, we support our Energy & Resources partners to achieve innovative and sustainable outcomes that inspire confidence, exceeding customer and investor expectations.

Engagements We Have Delivered

Some of the engagements we have delivered include:

  • Developed a Contractor Work Health & Safety Assurance Program;
  • Managed Safety Programs by developing and refining safety artefacts and checklists for design reviews;
  • Designed and developed a tool to provide a standardized risk-based output that aligned with the requirements of the Assurance Program;
  • Designed and delivered a Safety Engineering and Assurance Management System;
  • Developed and delivered training to support the change management of the new system;
  • Designed a Software Development Management System and supporting User Experience based off the systems engineering lifecycle;
  • Conducted a scoping study and maturity assessment for the implementation of a safety and risk management based system;
  • Developed a Software Assurance Strategic Plan to grow and enhance the capability through the delivery of a risk-based strategy documenting prioritised activities aligned to delivery milestones;
  • Conducted Safety Management System Gap Review activities providing prioritised risk-based actionable outcomes;
  • Provided Systems Safety Engineering assurance and Reliability and Requirements Management;
  • Provided Systems Safety Engineering and Software Assurance support to train management systems; and
  • Designed and delivered Software Assurance training courses.