Our cross functional team of consultants and specialists offer expertise across technical engineering, project and business management.

WhatWe Do


Strategic thinking and agile implementation methods are at the centre of JVAT’S consulting approach. We utilise industry specialists with world class academic backgrounds and experience, skilled in operations, strategy, technology and project management.

Assurance & Advisory

We adopt a risk-based methodology during our audit and assurance processes by targeting key organisational risk areas.

JVAT’s innate understanding of the threats and controls associated with our partners’ working environments enable us to present accurate and objective information that pinpoints business value depreciators and areas of inefficiency. Our customised advisory services and seasoned expertise provide bespoke and diversified systems and solutions to complex problems.

Engineering Services

Our multi-disciplined engineering consultants are familiar with the cradle-to-grave of product development from early concept and requirements generation through to certification and sustainment. Our ability to solve our client’s challenges whilst creating simplicity from complexity, allows us to reduce the risk to our client’s delivery projects and programmes.


The key to helping a business implement its risk strategy is in building the right capabilities to execute it.

Our team utilises business cluster programs and action learning to help participants think critically and work collaboratively. These methods are highly effective in solving problems, fostering leaders and embedding cultural change, helping your organisation develop creative, flexible and successful strategies to pressing problems.

Training programs are delivered face-to-face or remotely. The content learned in our sessions are embedded well beyond the training session.

Forward facing, curious and creative problem solvers who inspire confidence.
Industry specialists with world class backgrounds provide pragmatic and strategic thinking to achieve your goals.

How WeDo It

Extensive industry intelligence enables our specialist consultants to design and integrate solutions that are aligned to your organisation’s business objectives. These solutions provide a collaborative framework that enables teams to focus on growth, improve efficiency and become more effective in managing risks, as well as providing greater value to business partners.

Key benefits include:

  1. Delivery workflows to enable standardised and repeatable practice

  2. Collaboration and trust with you and your team

  3. Understanding the ‘why’ behind your key drivers

  4. Dynamic and visible delivery of engagement outcomes

  5. Collaboration with you, your team and your clients

  6. Holistic solutions to successfully implement change or execute projects. 

JVAT’s agile management tools mechanise the key principles of accountability, responsibility and transparency, which are underpinned by an inspect-and-adapt workflow that creates certainty and de-risks complex projects.

JVAT can successfully implement management systems that provide built-in compliance tailored to your organisation’s regulatory and legal environment. We use technology to build systems, such as app-based functionality to enable immediate productivity aligned to a generative culture. This ensures leaders have the information they require - on time, every time.


In a rapidly changing market, Forward Facing offers a flexible and specialist support solution, providing us with the ability to change and react quickly to your project needs and surges.
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We specialise in the delivery of integrated systems addressing mental health policies and practices, which provide a practical toolbox to increase awareness and build resilience for individuals, teams and organisations.
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