Resilience & Wellbeing
Building A Resilient Workplace

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JVAT delivers resilience and wellbeing workshops and programs to:

  • Measure an organization’s resilience profile
  • Develop individual and team programs to mature resilience
  • Embed resilience into HR and safety programs
  • Provide employees with practical tools, tips and tricks to increase their resilience

JVAT facilitators bring personal resilience experiences and practical solutions, honed through exposure to stressful military and business environments – backed by the latest scientific research studies.

Our workshops educate, motivate and empower employees to take control of their own resilience, at work and at home, by breaking the myth of work/life balance.

Our workshops can be delivered face-to-face or online through a blended learning experience.


We have delivered our resilience program to organizations of all shapes and sizes. The program delivers measurable and impactful changes to individual and team capacity to cope with the normal and abnormal stresses of business (and life), shifting perspectives on the ‘stress experience’ from a fixed to a growth mindset – from surviving to thriving.

Some of the material we cover in our workshops includes:

  • Resilience – mechanisms for modern living
  • The psychology and physiology of stress – diet, exercise and rest
  • The power of habit and ritual
  • Strengths and goal setting
  • Hacking the brain and nervous system
  • Reflective practice and continuous learning
  • The creative workforce
  • Getting, and staying, in the state of flow
  • Resilient workspaces
  • Resilient leadership
  • Measuring organizational resilience
  • Next steps

The JVAT Resilience Model provides a framework on which resilience is built – at an individual, team and organizational level.

Application of the STOIC and GRIT models results in an overall growth in organizational resilience as seen in the diagram below.

Paul Graham
Master of Business; Master of Project Management
Paul is the Lead Facilitator for the JVAT Resilience & Wellbeing Program, Director of JVAT Americas and a former Australian Army Infantry Officer. He has delivered the program to over 300 participants from the Oil and Gas, Banking, Government, Defence, Utilities and Emergency Services sectors. Paul is a keen student of yoga, neurology and stoicism, has developed three yoga schools, has trained over 200 yoga instructors in the USA, Australia and Mexico and is a founding partner of Source Meditation LLC.
Ted Burgess
Master of Clinical Social Work
Ted is a published author and teacher, and has practiced psychotherapy for the past 25 years. He works for the United States Department of Defense as the Director of Psychological Health for the Army National Guard in Idaho. He has keynoted at numerous medical and business conferences, speaking about mindfulness and resilience.
Dr Nicole Fox, MD
Medical Doctor; Master of Public Administration
Dr. Fox's practice focuses on the intersection of the mind and body. When not seeing patients, she trains students, residents, physicians, and administrators at regional and national conferences to see the connection between stress, the body and wellbeing with an eye toward building resilience of individuals and teams. Prior to pursuing medicine, Nicole obtained her Masters in Public Administration and worked in executive leadership.
Dr James Whitehill
Doctor of Philosophy; Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering
James' outcome-driven professional experience is supported by his strong academic background, including a PhD in Engineering, a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering and a Graduate Certificate in Risk Management. He is particularly skilled in applying decision making and analysis models and tools to non-traditional domains – in particular mental health causal factor analysis.
Claire Gray
Master of Business, Human Resource Management; Bachelor of Behavioural Science
Claire is a leader with strong capabilities in identifying, developing and delivering strategic people solutions that have a positive impact on organisational performance, engagement, efficiencies and sustainable business results. She has a passion for leading and coaching others, taking a strengths-based approach, and thoroughly enjoys building relationships and networks with people at all levels.
Jimmy Stewart
Master of Science, Safety Engineering; Master of Science, Engineering & Management
Jimmy is a former British Naval Officer and a seasoned safety and risk management professional with domestic and international business management experience. He is proficient in relating business outcomes to successful risk and assurance activities – particularly in the resilience and wellbeing domains. He is an expert facilitator and always seeks to find simple solutions for complex problems.