Defence &National Security

Building a more potent, capable and agile Defence and National Security sector with JVAT’s bespoke risk, assurance management and systems as well as design engineering capabilities.

The Defence and National Security sector faces disruption on multiple fronts: increasing tactical competition, enhanced regional engagement, and greater potential for military miscalculation.


In an increasingly contested strategic environment, the industry partners chosen by Defence Forces must act with greater agility and independence.

Instead of offering 'off the shelf' risk management solutions, JVAT’s team of professional consultants, engineers and assurance experts design bespoke capabilities to meet the unique needs of the Defence and National Security sector.

Our approach inspires confidence through quality driven, innovative, solutions-based industry criteria. It includes the following:

  1. Implementation of Project System Safety Programs (SSP) and Safety In Design (SID) by applying a tailored MIL-STD-882E Standard Practice for System Safety Programs or DEF STAN 00-56 Safety Management Requirements for Defence Systems.

  2. Conduct of hazard identification and analysis using MIL-STD-882E defined techniques, bespoke templates and in accordance with best practice.

  3. Australian and International Defence AIR, SEA and LAND regulatory environment understanding, including Defence Aviation Safety Regulation, Seaworthiness and Technical Regulation of ADF Materiel.

  4. Delivery against bespoke and Defence-wide standards of cybersecurity risk management, including the DSM. 

  5. Type certification and acquisition support for fixed and rotary wing aerospace and UAV platforms.

  6. Mission and Support Systems project and sustainment support from Introduction Into Service (IIS) and across the complete Capability Life Cycle (CLC) / CADMID.

  7. Experience to ensure compliance with Australian Defence Contracting (ASDEFCON) suite, as well as UK MOD Defence Standardization and NZ Government Procurement Rules. 

  8. Development of Safety and Environmental Case submissions, tailored to project lifecycle gates and for the full CLC.

  9. Application of Human Factors engineering standards MIL-STD-1472 and DEF STAN 00-251.

  10. An approved service provider of the Australian Defence Support Services (DSS panel), and we offer a variety of engineering, safety, quality and assurance skills sets at all levels.

  11. Military design engineering, project management and explosive ordnance expertise.

  12. Implementation of Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), including the use of mathematical models and digital twinning.

  13. Experienced in Military design of primary/secondary structures and sub-systems for aircraft primes with EASA Part 21J accreditation.

  14. Understanding of Australian Seaworthiness regulations and requirements for integration of UK/US assets as part of AUKUS.

  15. Provision of ATEX compliant hydrogen test facilities through collaboration with our partner Filton Systems Engineering. Temperatures available from 18K to 800K for storage (16kg) or production (8kg/day).  

  16. Design and integration of hydrogen fuel systems for conversion/new systems on board aircraft.

Most importantly, JVAT’s key focus is on ensuring quality information is provided at the right time to Defence stakeholders in order to ensure ‘justified confidence’ in the sector’s risk management maturity, as well as to allow informed risk-based decision making. 


Understanding innovative military technology and providing meaningful risk based outcomes
We work with Australian, New Zealand and US Defence across Land, Air and Sea
Providing innovative engineering solutions for our next generation of military platforms


Client Experience

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Defence & National Security

Hawkei Protected Mobility Vehicle - Light

Supported Thales Australia to successfully deliver the system safety program for their next generation of protected Hawkei vehicle to the Australian Defence Force (ADF). The outcome of this engagement was that the vehicle was not only made safer for Australian soldiers, but also provided users with a clear understanding of the safety profile of the vehicle - all while continuing to meet the demanding tactical performance requirements. Read More

Timely, professional and compliant support is a key ingredient when navigating the complex defence manufacturing market, and having JVAT as a partner we can rely upon has been invaluable

Military Program Director, Holmwood Highgate