Government &Public Sector

Citizens have higher expectations of government and the public sector, continually demanding more responsive approaches to decision-making and service delivery.

Conversely, the way programs are developed, funded and delivered are under increased scrutiny due to budgetary constraints, diverse governance issues and the merging of public and private sectors.


As public sector evolves from an administrative culture to a management culture, effective risk and assurance management becomes even more critical because of how strategic and operational planning is driven.

JVAT’s experienced consultants help governments (federal and state level) successfully manage change in order to meet these challenges, by providing innovative systems that facilitate openness and transparency.

Our approach inspires confidence through quality driven, innovative, solutions-based industry criteria. It includes the following:

  1. Delivery of solutions aligned to the Department of Treasury and Finance Investment Management Lifecycle (IML) to ensure taxpayer money is effectively spent.

  2. State and territory government legislation and regulation implementation, including Work, Health and Safety Act.

  3. Proactive Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) systems to ensure that all types of risk are managed and controlled in a systematic and consistent way.

  4. International risk, safety, information security and quality best practice within Government and Public sector organisation aligned with ISO 31000 (Risk Management), ISO 27001 (Information Security Management), ISO45001 (Safety Management) and ISO9001 (Quality Management).

  5. Focus on clearly defined accountabilities and responsibilities supported by a suite of user-friendly management tools and practices.

  6. Embed change maturity measurement using a Present, Suitable, Operating and Effective (PSOE) method to support tracking of the investment and decision making.

  7. Grow management capability and competence improvement at all levels of the organisation by establishing a common risk 'language' and simplifying procedures using graphical interfaces and intuitive system architecture design.

Most importantly, JVAT’s key focus is on ensuring quality information is provided at the right time to Defence stakeholders in order to ensure ‘justified confidence’ in the sector’s management maturity, as well as to allow informed risk-based decision making. 

Government spending and value for the federal and state government is critical. Having an assurance system and processes ensures effective spend of taxpayers money.
Management in all public sectors need to make informed risk-based decisions to stay competitive.


Client Experience

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Government & Public Sector

Authority Integrated Management System (AIMS)

Victoria’s Suburban Rail Loop Authority (SRLA) engaged JVAT early in the phase of the infrastructure and precincts project to integrate management tools and streamline workflow. The goal was to create an intuitive, user-friendly system that provided staff with standardised, repeatable processes for completing deliverables. The outcome of this engagement was a simple User Experience (UX) aimed at primary users containing a single tailored delivery framework with built-in assurance and risk management.Read More


As Australia’s public sector evolves from an administrative culture to a management culture, effective risk and assurance management becomes even more critical.