Our Solutions

In order to inspire confidence and achieve innovative and sustainable solutions for our partners, we require holistic, multidisciplinary services and products. We achieve this by focusing on three key service areas: Consulting, Assurance & Advisory, and Training, in addition to Resilience & Wellbeing.


Strategic thinking and agile implementation methods are at the centre of our approach at JVAT, utilizing industry specialists skilled in operations, strategy, technology and project management with first-rate academic backgrounds.

We enhance the competitiveness of our partners’ success by creating and delivering actionable insights and innovative solutions.

Assurance & Advisory

At JVAT, we adopt a risk-based methodology in our audit and assurance process by targeting key organizational risk areas.

Through an innate understanding of the risks and controls associated with our partners’ working environments, we present accurate and fair information to assist in pinpointing business value depreciators and areas of inefficiency.


The key to helping a business implement their risk strategy is building the right capabilities to execute it.

JVAT is utilizing business cluster programs and action learning to provide innovative, scenario-based interactive learning solutions, which assist in the learning experience. This is a critical part of our process to embed cultural change. Our programs are delivered face-to-face or online through a blended learning offering.

Resilience & Wellbeing

At JVAT, we specialize in the delivery of integrated protection systems addressing mental health policies and practice, which provide a practical toolbox to increase mental health awareness and build resilience for individuals, teams and organizations.

We facilitate resilience and wellbeing workshops and design tailored programs, to measure, manage and meet health and wellness goals.

Our Products

We design tailored and integrated solutions for our partners, using JVAT products aligned to the business objectives of the organization. Our products enable an organization to manage all elements of workplace safety and risk practices, providing a compliance trail to demonstrate their legal obligations.

Agile Management Tool

The JVAT Agile Management Tool mechanizes the key principles of accountability, responsibility and transparency, underpinned by an inspect-and-adapt workflow that creates certainty and de-risks complex projects.

Management System Maturity Modelling Tool

The JVAT Management System Maturity Modelling Tool provides a health check and predicts the maturity curve to management system operational effectiveness.

Agile Management System

The JVAT Agile Management System provides built-in compliance tailored to the organization’s regulatory and legal environment. Its click-through app-based functionality enables immediate safety management productivity aligned to a generative safety culture to ensure leaders have the information they require – on time, every time. The Agile Management System can be tailored as a holistic integrated management system or for specific organizational domains (such as engineering and project management).

Forward Facing

Forward Facing was created to provide JVAT with a contingent support capability. In a rapidly changing market, Forward Facing offers a flexible and specialist support solution providing JVAT the ability to change and react quickly with agility to clients’ project needs and surges. The contingent support model addresses the following key points:

  • Short-term assignments
  • On-site presence to work under the clients’ direction and working routine
  • Skill sets not held within JVAT
  • Flexibility to deploy support in areas not within JVAT’s footprint