Get an insight into the value that JVAT has provided to their clients, across a breadth of sectors using their best-practice solutions and business processes delivered by their high-calibre team.

01 | Defence & National Security

Hawkei Protected Mobility Vehicle - Light

Supported Thales Australia to successfully deliver the system safety program for their next generation of protected Hawkei vehicle to the Australian Defence Force (ADF). The outcome of this engagement was that the vehicle was not only made safer for Australian soldiers, but also provided users with a clear understanding of the safety profile of the vehicle - all while continuing to meet the demanding tactical performance requirements.


02 | Energy & Resources

Resilience & Wellbeing Program

Aggreko - the world's largest temporary power generation company - recognise that resilience, engagement and wellbeing initiatives must be integrated for optimal organisational performance. JVAT delivered its Wellbeing and Resilience Program which provided measurable and impactful changes to both individual and team capacity to cope with the normal and abnormal tensions of business (and life), shifting perspectives on the ‘stress experience’ from a fixed to a growth mindset - from surviving to thriving


03 | Government & Public Sector

Authority Integrated Management System (AIMS)

Victoria’s Suburban Rail Loop Authority (SRLA) engaged JVAT early in the phase of the infrastructure and precincts project to integrate management tools and streamline workflow. The goal was to create an intuitive, user-friendly system that provided staff with standardised, repeatable processes for completing deliverables. The outcome of this engagement was a simple User Experience (UX) aimed at primary users containing a single tailored delivery framework with built-in assurance and risk management.


04 | Transport & Infrastructure

Metro Tunnel Project

Rail Projects Victoria engaged JVAT to deliver a Metro Tunnel Project System-Level Preliminary Hazard Analysis to identify potential risks affecting safe corridor operations, rolling stock, stations and infrastructure maintenance. The outcome of this engagement ensured the project identified hazards and captured important information early to influence the design and safety program, which de-risked the overall project delivery.


05 | Defence & National Security

System Safety Support

Holmwood Highgate engaged JVAT to support the delivery of six Mobile Bulk Aviation Fuel Capability (MBAFC) vehicles to the New Zealand Defence Force by articulating a safety profile through the provision of a Safety Case Report, Hazard Analysis Report, and Hazard Log. These safety artefacts demonstrated that all reasonably foreseeable hazards and risks have been identified and mitigated.


06 | Defence & National Security

6th Generation Military Aircraft

JVAT led a program to develop Missile Eject Launcher concepts, and associated technologies, for the 6th Generation Military Aircraft Payload Bay for aircraft IOC in 2035. JVAT is now leading the program with a well-respected UK Defence Prime.


07 | Defence & National Security

UK Aircraft Platform Prime

JVAT worked in collaboration with Filton Systems Engineering (FSE) to develop the Fuel and Hydraulics Systems for the UK Aircraft platform prime from concept design through to preliminary design phases (September 22) and continues to delivery the programme leading up to Critical Design Review (expected late 2023).