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The government’s vision is to have the world’s most advanced, innovative and successful energy and resources sector, one that strives to deliver sustained prosperity and social development for all.

While the government has an abundance and diversity of energy resources that support both domestic consumption and substantial fossil fuel energy exports around the world, it is facing significant disruption. Climate change, increased commodity prices, and regulatory hurdles are just some of the challenges facing the sector.


JVAT’s management solutions are tailored to meet these unique challenges by providing rigour and consistency around identifying, managing and mitigating strategic operational, business and technology related risks.

Drawing from our exceptional industry knowledge and extensive consultant network, we provide a fresh perspective on delivering integrated solutions for the Oil and Gas, Power and Water sectors.

Our approach inspires confidence through quality driven, innovative, solutions-based industry criteria. It includes the following:

  1. Implementation of international and national environmental goals and targets through industry best practice ISO 14001 (Environmental Management).

  2. Support to projects which meet the integrity principles of the Climate Active standard. 

  3. Embed a systematic approach to energy management within your organisation by implement and maintain principles of ISO 50001 (Energy Management).

  4. Develop plans, and make sure we have the necessary resources to deal with spills, leaks, fires or explosions.

  5. Use best-practice practices and methods aligned to industry standards including ISO45001 (Safety Management) to reduce workplace risks and make sure that everyone gets home safely.

Most importantly, JVAT’s key focus is on ensuring quality information is provided at the right time to Energy and Resources stakeholders in order to ensure 'justified confidence' in the organisations' risk management maturity, as well as to allow informed risk-based decision making.

"Increased the level and quality of management safety interactions conducted by our leadership group.” Quality Health Safety Environment Manager, Aggreko
We understand international and national standards within the energy and resources sector to keep your organisation resilient.


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Energy & Resources

Resilience & Wellbeing Program

Aggreko - the world's largest temporary power generation company - recognise that resilience, engagement and wellbeing initiatives must be integrated for optimal organisational performance. JVAT delivered its Wellbeing and Resilience Program which provided measurable and impactful changes to both individual and team capacity to cope with the normal and abnormal tensions of business (and life), shifting perspectives on the ‘stress experience’ from a fixed to a growth mindset - from surviving to thrivingRead More


Drawing from our exceptional industry knowledge and extensive consultant network, we provide a fresh perspective to deliver integrated solutions for the Oil and Gas, Power, Mining and Water sectors.